Time Lapse Video – How to Build a Tint World® Showroom in Under a Minute


One of the things our customers like most about coming to Tint World® is our impressive product displays. Our physical locations are covered wall to wall with interactive product displays so customers can get a first-hand look at all of our mobile electronics products and automotive accessories before they have them installed. Every Franchise comes equipped with one of these advanced displays, and we would like to show you just how much work goes into providing each of our franchisees with this store feature. See below for a time-lapse style video that documents the complete construction of our Boca Raton showroom.

Pretty impressive, right? But striking product displays are only a small piece of the advanced marketing support that comes included with every Tint World Franchise.
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Franchise Stories – Austin Buys his First Car by Working at Tint World®


We’re a family here at Tint World, so we are consistently checking in with our franchisees to see how business is going, to let them know of any franchise news, and to offer help with any problems they might be having. We also hear a lot of good stories during these interactions, so we’ve decided to share some of them with you here on the Franchise Blog in a series we call Franchise Stories.

Austin with his newly purchased 2006 Daytona Edition Dodge Charger

Our first story is from local franchise owner, Randy Silver, who owns a Tint World in Cary, North Carolina. When we checked in with Randy, he was enthused to inform us that his 16 year old son had just recently purchased his first car.

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