The Prospect Follow Up System Automates the Sales Process


At Tint World, our goals are to provide automated systems to help our franchisees succeed. One of the ways we accomplish that is with modern tools to improve customer relations and boost sales. A specific example is our prospect follow up system which solves the problem of losing sales that could have been made with better customer outreach.

The Prospect Problem:

Plenty of business owners have had a customer walk in or call with interest in something, but who just aren’t ready to make a sale at that moment. Many customers shop around for pricing, are waiting for payday, or just aren’t planning to buy anything during their first visit. Odds are that customer is going to buy the product or service they were interested in at some point, but once you hang up the phone or they walk out the door, there’s little you can do to influence their decision…or is there?

The Solution:

The Tint World Prospect Follow Up System solves the problem of lost customers with a custom-designed set of drip promotional emails that sell our services and remind customers of Tint World during a 2 week span – the key decision-making period for the majority of consumers. The emails are delivered automatically and are set up to promote the specific services that prospective customer was interested in.
Tint World Follow Up System Emails

Here’s How it Works:


1. Collect Customer Interest

When customers walk into your store, or call in, they aren’t always ready to make a sale at that moment. Most business owners are used to customers shopping around, and that’s fine. If they aren’t ready to make an appointment, you or an employee can just ask for an email address and let them know you’ll send them some more information.
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