How to Boost Your Car Wash Sales


If you own a car wash business, becoming a Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise owner and building an adjacent store could greatly benefit your sales figures. Tint World®’s established brand combined with your success and experience running a business are a perfect recipe for capturing sales and cornering the market as a one-stop shopping experience for automotive styling needs.

One reason that opening an adjacent Tint World® could increase sales at your car wash is the type of consumer that our automotive retail business attracts. Our customers are generally more interested in taking care of their vehicle’s appearance than the average person. When these customers come to Tint World® for various projects, the convenience of your car wash in close proximity is likely to attract them to that service, as well. You will not only benefit from their patronage at your Tint World® franchise, but also from your car wash.

Tint World® is known, among many other things, for our top-of-the-line auto detailing service. In fact, we have been the #1 auto detailing service center for over 30 years. Our reputation and expertise could be combined with your own, helping establish your car wash and Tint World® franchise location as the premier location in your area for complete auto detailing.

Opening an adjacent Tint World® franchise also provides you and your existing business with the added security that franchising brings. Franchises have a greater than 95% chance of being successful, compared to less than 20% for a non-established venture. Thanks to a combination of an established brand, group buying power and marketing support, an adjacent Tint World® franchise could be a tremendous investment for future success.

If you have any questions about opening a Tint World® franchise, visit our Tint World® franchise opportunities page today!


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3 Ways to Market your Window Tinting Business


One aspect of operating a business that many business owners find challenging and time-consuming is marketing. It can be nearly impossible to handle all of your day-to-day operations while also staying up-to-date on all of the new marketing trends. That’s one of the many reasons why opening a tinting franchise with Tint World® is appealing to so many people. Tint World®’s advanced marketing techniques are what make us a leading player among automotive retail franchises. Our franchisees are given unparalleled marketing support to separate their business from their competitors. This post will highlight three ways to market your window tinting business that Tint World® can assist with.

  1. Search Engine Optimization – It might be a widely-used term these days, but search engine optimization (SEO) is still not widely understood by many business owners. Put in relevant terms, SEO is the process to ensure that a company’s website appears as early and often as possible in a search engine’s results for searches related to that company or business. This can be a challenging process for a business owner, but Tint World® franchisees do not have to worry about it. We work for you to ensure our website appears frequently for relevant searches about window tinting. This means that when someone Googles “window tinting” in their area, Tint World®’s brand is well-represented, improving the chances that the searcher will decide on Tint World®  for their tinting needs, bringing your franchise traffic and sales.
  2. Branded Email Campaigns – A simple and effective way to reach your target audience is through branded email campaigns. This allows you to send your business’ message directly to the inbox of your customers and potential customers, increasing the likelihood that they will visit Tint World®’s website and then visit their local store. We design email campaigns for our franchisees, drawing interest to their stores without any effort on their part.
  3. Custom Website Content – Custom website content, such as blog posts, will not only increase your SEO and drive traffic to Tint World®’s site, but they also help position the brand and its employees as experts. For instance, a consumer interested in automotive window tinting might come across our post on customizing a vehicle and decide to go into their local Tint World® to learn more about their options. Our franchisees benefit from this content without lifting a finger.

If you are interested in becoming a Tint World® franchise owner, download our franchise kit today.


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