Expanding Your Car Dealership Through the Aftermarket


Car dealerships, both used and new, have their hands tied in daily business dealings that often leave little or no time to find new methods of business expansion. While the industry of selling, trading and buying cars, trucks and SUVs is indeed laborious, there are still ways you can find new revenue-building methods for your dealership. Going hand-in-hand with car sales are aftermarket components that consumers are purchasing at an increasing rate, and by converting your existing business into one that offers these products, your dealership can reach a much larger customer base.

By selling products like performance, styling and 12 volt upgrades, you create an atmosphere that marks your dealership as a local vendor for parts that typically are only available online. This adds buying appeal and can allow you to leverage your abilities when selling – especially if your service area offers installations. If you decide to go this route, you can appeal to shoppers looking to buy turn-key, customized vehicles that come with a warranty and the backing of the dealership’s “attention to detail.”

While the concept of selling and installing aftermarket parts at your dealership is attractive, it can be met with complications that can make the entire process not worth the effort. Not only will you have to develop a relationship with the aftermarket manufactures, you’ll have to train your sales and technical staff on how such products should be marketed and installed. Taking these obstacles into consideration, a smart solution that still allows the aftermarket to benefit your dealership is to partner with a dedicated, automotive customization franchise to become a co-brand, store-in-a-store concept.

By doing so, you can keep your existing complex, inventory and staff, while simultaneously benefiting from having highly trained aftermarket professionals work with your dealership. The concept lets you take full advantage of clout earned by a national aftermarket installer, giving you access to high-quality and sought after parts and accessories that can be installed properly in order to maintain and even boost your dealership’s reputation. As a co-branded dealership, you can also pre-build exciting, customized vehicles to be sold and leverage them in your marketing and on-site advertising.

Adding a trusted, nationally recognized aftermarket provider to your dealership is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition. To find out more about how to become a co-branded business, such as Tint World® Express dealership, contact us today!


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Building Revenue with Mobile Car Washing


Owning an automotive wash and detail complex means you provide a much needed service for your community, but could you be doing more? In order to maximize the billion dollar industry, or even break away from the norm, it’s important to find new ways to build revenue. One method to do so that is often overlooked is to take your services on the road. Enter, mobile car washing.

Mobile car washing, simply put, is taking the car wash to the people by using transportable equipment in an effort to take advantage of the time a vehicle spends sitting still at car parks, office complexes and other businesses. Mobile car washing services are appealing to consumers, employees and business owners as it can be leveraged as a luxury service.

While you may think you can try your hand at mobile car washing on your own, the reality is, it’s not that simple. Offering such a service requires a special amount of clout that typically can only come from a trusted, national name, such as Tint World®. Here are just a few advantages to be had from offering mobile car wash and detail services as part of an automotive customization franchise system:

  • Exclusivity: By offering mobile car wash services under a widely recognized brand name, you can gain exclusive service rights at certain businesses or complexes. These deals typically set aside dedicated parking spots specifically for the mobile wash and detail service – something business owners are sure to flaunt proudly.
  • Professionalism: Mobile car wash and detailing has a certain, high-class association, and in an effort to maximize the opportunity to land exclusive deals with your area businesses, you’ll need to present your offer with the utmost professionalism. By having the backing of a national brand, you can better your chances of earning extra revenue from your mobile services.
  • Customer Growth: When consumers return to their cars after shopping or from a long day’s work to find it shining as bright as the day it left the showroom, they’ll likely want to know who is behind the work. By having a mobile wash and detail service as part of your business, you can help drive more traffic to your brick-and-motor location in an effort to boost your customer base.

Offering mobile services is a great way to build extra revenue for your car wash and detail complex, but the jump isn’t meant for everyone. By becoming a Tint World® backed franchise owner, you can benefit your already established car wash complex by offering our valet car wash and detail services to area businesses while taking advantage of the power of a national brand. To find out more, contact Tint World® today!


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