Three Ways to Expand Your Automotive Shop


As a shop owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase revenue and add value to your customers. The more you can do for your customers, the better chance you have of becoming a partner in their automotive needs. Partnerships are powerful because they elevate your business beyond necessity. A customer that chooses to partner with you for all of their automotive needs will not only give you steady business, they will also be a brand advocate for your business – one who will tell their friends and family about how you are their one-stop shop for all their automotive needs.

If you’re looking for ways to expand the services you offer to your customers, here are three inspection options that can help promote you from “just another auto shop” to “my auto shop” in the eyes of your customers.

1. Lease inspections – Leasing is an affordable option for those who want to drive a new vehicle every couple of years. Once it’s time to return their lease for their next car, however, your customers could be hit with “excessive wear and tear” charges. The average lease owner is charged more than $1,800 when returning their vehicle. Help your customers avoid unwanted lease charges and save money by offering free pre-return lease inspections on their vehicles.

 2. Insurance claims inspections – Providing insurance claim inspections is a great way to gain referrals. Insurance companies carefully vet partnering shops to ensure they provide the best quality of service and repairs. By participating in direct repair programs, your new and existing customers will know they’re getting the best possible experience for their claim inspection.

 3. CARCO inspections – Fight fraud and reduce loses by offering accurate, trusted pre-insurance CARCO inspections for vehicles. Close to two million vehicles require inspection each year in the territories CARCO covers, which include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Florida. As a CARCO inspection site, you receive a fee for performing photo inspections, which can usually be done in 15 minutes. If you have online access, inspections can also be performed using a secure web page. This provides a great deal of walk-in business with a minimal time investment.

If you’re an independent automotive shop looking to improve and expand your business, consider partnering with Tint World. We offer a variety of franchising options, including co-branding and store conversions that can help you boost your existing business and give you the added benefit of a national brand.


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