E-commerce Tips for Automotive Shop Owners


The automotive e-commerce industry is booming, with a projected worth of $51.6 billion by 2018. Because there are so many online options for consumers to buy aftermarket and OEM auto parts and accessories, breaking into this growing trend and then sustaining profitability can be tough. For automotive business owners, e-commerce needs to be more than just a website.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of this growing online market, make sure to consider these tips on better automotive e-commerce:

  • Research your market: In order to make sure you’re selling what your market wants, you need to take the time to review and research your target demographic. Look for or conduct your own detailed analytics, surveys or reports on your market to better understand what you can sell for a profit.
  • Practice vendor management: Once you know what to sell, you’re going to have to get stock. This is where vendor management is key as you’ll need to attract big-name parts suppliers to ensure your inventory is filled at a reasonable rate. You should select your vendors through research, supplier identification, and price and contract comparison.
  • Incentivize often: Shoppers go online not only for convenience, but for exclusive deals as well. If you’re not discounting parts or incentivizing consumers with free shipping or package deals, you won’t be able to break out from the competition. Consider periodic promotions to entice shoppers to pick your e-commerce site over the rest.

Adding e-commerce to your automotive business can be a great way to supplement your brick-and-motor income and increase your customer base in the process. Doing so however requires careful consideration and by partnering with Tint World, you’ll be able to have a powerful e-commerce site for all your automotive parts and accessories all while keeping your brand name intact.


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How Do You Promote Your Automotive Shop?


While repairing cars is undoubtedly your number one priority as an automotive repair shop owner, you can’t afford to ignore the power of promotion. Getting the word out about your experience, expertise, customer service and general business can keep your foot traffic flowing and your business growing.

How you promote your automotive shop is an important thing to consider because if your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in booked jobs, you’ll fail to get a healthy return. Additionally, if you spend too much time and effort on promotions, you’ll likely lose your focus on what really matters – the quality of your work.

In order to keep things effective, consider these proven methods of boosting the promotion of your automotive repair shop:

  • Focus your marketing: Marketing is important in the automotive industry as it helps build and maintain the reputation of your business. By focusing your marketing efforts on SEO, geo-targeted advertisements, and public relations efforts to earn third-party endorsements, your automotive repair shop will become known as an area leader.
  • Expand your exposure: If you want to get the word out about your automotive business, turn to social media to expand your exposure. Look for localized automotive groups and forums and post up about your specials and services. Regularly updating your social feed is important too, even if it does take time and effort. This is where partnerships come into play.
  • Expand your reach: If your automotive repair shop has a niche focus, you may be pigeonholing your opportunity for growth. Try expanding your reach by, for example, tinting windows while you detail or installing stereos while you change oil.

Promoting your automotive repair shop can help your business grow, but doing so effectively without breaking the bank takes consideration. By partnering with a national brand however, you can take in the benefits of their recognition and corporate support to expand your customer base and your business. Consider partnering with Tint World, we’ll help you maintain your business while adding value and promotion at the same time. If you’re ready to consider a conversion franchise for your automotive repair business, contact us today.


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