How to Grow a Retail Business with Franchising


Retail trends can be picked up and forgotten on a weekly basis, making it difficult for business owners to stay afloat in this growing market – especially if your retail products are automotive-centric. Aspiring entrepreneurs can find it even more difficult to get the attention and backing from banks, investors, retail vendors, and customers themselves that are needed to be profitable. TintWorld is proud to offer information on how to better grow retail business franchising.TintWorld Franchise Growth

Franchising is a great way for retail business owners to maintain their individualism and earn the support needed to break away from the competition. Here are three reasons how franchising can help grow your retail business:

  1. Backend support: You’ll want to focus on the customer experience and create an expert persona for your staff if you want your retail business to succeed. If you spend the majority of your days working on operations, marketing collateral and vendor management, you’ll lose sight of what’s really important – your relationship with customers. Franchising offers you the backend support needed so you can focus on creating a real relationship with your clients.
  2. Vendor respect: As a retailer, the brand names stocked in your store can make or break your competitive edge, and if you can’t grab the attention of national vendors, you may not be able to get their products on your shelves. Partnering with a franchise will add a nationally recognized name to your business and give you exclusive access to vendors you wouldn’t be able to reach without the franchise name.
  3. Financial opportunities: Many investors and property owners will be hesitate to work with a newly established business, making it challenging for retailers to expand and relocate. However, if you partner with a national franchise, you get to keep your independence but earn the recognition of a national brand. This increases your chances of getting the financial support needed to grow and build.

Partnering with a franchise can do wonders for your retail business. Co-branded opportunities exist that will let you keep your brand identity, but leverage the recognition and buying power of a national brand. In the automotive retail industry, Tint World® works with new and veteran retailers to expand their businesses even more. To find out how your business can benefit, contact our franchise development team today for your franchise starter kit.

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Tint World® Franchise – Q1 2016 Recap


At Tint World®, we kicked off 2016 with a bang! Now that it’s April, we’d like to take a moment to look back at what we accomplished in the last three months so we can paint a picture of where we will be in the next quarter.

  • New locations: In February, training was finalized for three all-new Tint World® locations in California, Idaho and Mississippi. Dan Burrup’s Boise, ID store was the first to open, with Donnie and Steve Saucier’s Gulfport, MS and Kenny McCardie’s Union City, CA stores following suit shortly after.
  • New awards: During Q1, we earned a variety of new, nationally-recognized rankings for our business development. Not only did we make Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, ranking 371, we placed in the top 25 of all ranking automotive franchise businesses. Tint World® was also bestowed with a number of spots on Franchise Gator’s Top 2016 Lists, including No. 3 Top Emerging franchise, No. 14 Fastest Growing franchise, and No. 36 Top 100 franchise of 2016.
  • New plans: During the past few months, we’ve been working hard to launch an industry first e-commerce platform. This will allow Tint World® customers to purchase products online and have them shipped directly to their nearest Tint World® location for prompt installation. The platform launch will additionally benefit franchisees as well with a corresponding store intranet integration. It will also allow them to have their point of sale, accounting and marketing efforts integrated and connected into one single intranet system.

With such great success during the past quarter, there’s no telling where will be at the end of June. If you want to find out more and experience our franchise system firsthand, contact our franchise development team today for your franchise starter kit.

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Tint World® Profit Centers:

  • Auto Care & Styling Services
  • Window Tinting
  • Protective Films
  • Vehicle Security Systems
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • Mobile Electronics
  • Detailing & Reconditioning
  • Custom Wheels & Tires
  • Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
  • Performance Parts & Accessories
  • Marine Styling Services
  • Home & Business Services

Complete Turn-Key Investment From $118,000 to $198,000

Minimum Liquid Capital $60,000

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