Hitting the reset button for your franchise


As a Tint World® franchise owner, you know that things don’t always happen the way that you want them to happen for your store. There might be problems with staff or other issues that you can control, but the idea of change can make you stressed out. Recently, our Tint World® franchise location in North Miami Beach was dealing with these types of issues and although it was out of their comfort zone, they have found great success by hitting the reset button.

The North Miami Beach location was dealing with employees who weren’t engaged, employees who had a “me-first” instead of “team-first” way of thinking and serious issues with how the store was performing. Co-owners Alberto and Gary Safarti decided that changes had to be made and so, they both “hit the reset button” to make changes for their Tint World® franchise location.

Alberto and Gary’s Story:

We at the North Miami Beach Tint World® location do not believe our recent success is luck. Our methodology has changed to increase our dedication in finding and training the optimum employees. It is not just a matter of money.

As an owner/operator, you have to find the way to instill in your employees the same dedication and excitement that you have for your business. You have to find a way to motivate them and encourage them to have the same enthusiasm you have. That attitude will create a positive customer/employee/operator relationship, where the positive attitude of your employees will motivate the customer to contract for additional services. But it all starts from the top down. You have to find a way to involve your employees in the operation of your shop, Listen to their comments, encourage them to contribute to the efficiency of your shop. By reacting positively to their input, you will find they will stay to 8 pm or to whatever hour necessary to get the work out.

We started from zero, and my brother and I absorbed many disappointments until we realized that without an enthusiastic workforce, it would be impossible to raise our shop to higher possibilities. We have one year and six months dedicating ourselves to finding the proper combination of the above factors, always respecting the employee. We know that salary is only 17% of an incentive to a worker’s job satisfaction, while more important factors are those such as job recognition, having the owner’s attention when his comments are made, and an attitude of mutual respect permeating the workplace environment. The customer feels that as well. It turns your business into not just another run of the mill shop

It is true that we have been lucky to some degree, but in business, you often make your own luck. In our case, it is more dedication and a changed workplace attitude, than any other factor.

The energy at the North Miami Beach location is incredible; everyone’s spirits are high, the entire staff jumps in to solve problems together without being asked to do so and all employees, including technicians, are selling and cross-selling together.

While making drastic changes may be out of the comfort zone of a franchise owner, hitting the reset button when everything else has been tried can make the difference between success and failure for your Tint World® franchise. Congratulations to the team at our North Miami Beach location for their willingness to go the extra mile for their Tint World® franchise!

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Engage the Five Senses in your franchise business


As a Tint World® franchise owner, you know that there are a number of different ways to attract customers to visit your location. From signs to flyers and going out in the community to promote your Tint World® location, there are a variety of ways to help get people to visit your store to show off your products.

Although you might know ways to get them into your store, do you know that you can help keep them in the store, encourage them to purchase from your location and turn them into long time customers by using the five senses to make them feel welcome? Learning how to engage the five senses of your customers can help drive more sales for your Tint World® franchise.

Take a look at your Tint World® location through the eyes of someone who may not have visited your store before. Is everything open so that they can see all of the products you have to offer and brightly lit to make everything visible? If your store is cluttered, dim and looks like a storm blew through, you may be turning your customers off before they can see all you have to offer.

For those that like to work on cars, touch is a big part of the experience when working with a company. Are your items laid out in a way that encourages customers to touch the products and hold them in your hand? If a number of your items are locked away or aren’t easily accessible, you may be missing an opportunity to connect with your customers.

What is the normal volume in your Tint World® location? Is it so loud that customers can’t hear themselves think or so quiet that they think they are in a library? Sound is a big part of the customer experience, so make sure that employee conversations are at a respectful level that any music that is being played is appropriate for your customers and make sure that the sound levels are set so that customers aren’t looking to get what they want and get out too quickly.

For some customers, the smell in a store can make them feel welcome or make them want to walk out before they come too far inside. With an automotive and marine based business like your Tint World® location, the smells from the shop area may seem like home for some of your customers, but other parts of your store may be too strong. Take a minute to see how your Tint World® location really smells and adjust accordingly.

Taste really isn’t an area of concern for most Tint World® locations, but if the smells of your store leaves a bad taste in the mouth of your customers, you may be losing the opportunity to make a great sale.

Being able to engage the five senses of your customers when they come into your Tint World® franchise location can help one-time customers become long-time customers, but be careful that the five senses that you engage with in regards to your customers don’t overpower their experience when they come to visit your Tint World® store.

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