Store appearance matters a lot to Tint World®


Make your shop appealing and increase sales

The corporate office is committed to helping our franchise owners succeed. You have some leeway in your store design beyond our standard requirements. Use it wisely, and watch your sales increase.

The appearance of your shop is more important to customers than location and customer service, according to consumer research.

The physical appearance of a shop is even more important these days as online shopping continues to siphon dollars away from traditional storefronts. Many consumers enjoy the sensory experience of shopping personally, so appeal to those senses. Layout, design, lighting, scent and sounds are all important to crafting a prime customer experience.

One founding principle of Tint World was to set our stores apart from the occasionally dingy environments of auto parts and styling centers. That means no ripped vinyl couches, scuffed floors and dirty coffee makers beneath flickering fluorescence.

We will help you set up your store and have standardized displays for many of our vendor products, but here’s a quick primer on making a store appealing:

  • Consumers can determine quickly the quality of any store, so pay attention to entry points. You want something engaging straight ahead and to the left and right of the entrance. You want to provide visual cues to guide your customer’s browsing.
  • Alter your lighting where practical. Think of the way jewelry stores use it to their advantage. Certain lighting used appropriately can actually increase perceived value. Use lighting to highlight certain products.
  • Avoid playing music with lyrics. Research has shown that songs with lyrics can distract shoppers.
  • Don’t use spray deodorizers or similar products. Keep it neutral, or utilize relaxing scents such as apple or citrus.
  • Don’t forget this crucial element. Curb appeal is crucial to making your store stand out. Consider displaying a prime example of your work outside. Nothing will get attention like a polished, tricked-out and recently detailed Hummer out front. Make sure your landscaping is appealing and free of trash and weeds. Keep your parking lot clean.

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Boost your Tint World® sales with local car dealerships


Car lots offer contract options for many aftermarket services

There’s a fortune to be made on your local car lot.

Not through selling cars, but making them more attractive to buyers.

Many large dealerships will keep detailing and other services in-house. Don’t write them off, but soliciting your services to smaller dealerships could pay off.

Here are a few ideas to tap what could be a lucrative year-round market for your local Tint World services:

  • Identify the players. A Google search should yield information on car dealers and lots in your area. Target these dealers for detailing or tint services. Better yet, connect with lot owners and salesmen at community business events such as chamber of commerce coffees or industry events.
  • Determine your range of services. Cars might get dinged during test drives. Sell your ceramic coating or blemish removal services. A preowned car might bring a higher price if a few bells and whistles are offered. Sell your video or audio upgrades. If it’s a blistering summer, sell your tinting services. Even new cars get flat tires sometimes. Offer onsite tire replacement or patching.
  • Upgrade the trade-in. Explain to lot owners and dealers who might resell trade-ins that you can detail them, paint them and add tint or paint-protection services.
  • Get personal. Don’t stop at servicing only retail cars. Many dealers have their own small fleets for loaner services, and salesmen themselves may be in the market for an after-market upgrade.
  • Put a logo on it. Tint World graphic design services could be a great way for a dealer to advertise. Custom graphics are a proven effective means of generating publicity.
  • Service the customer. Suggest to your targeted dealers that you can cut them a deal on customization packages that could sweeten the pot for a customer on the fence. Free detailing for a year? Oil changes for life? Bed liner installation?

There are tens of millions of cars in this country. There are also endless ways to cash in. The only limit to services you could offer fleet managers or dealers is your imagination.

Contact Tint World today for franchise support, or download our franchise kit.

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Tint World® Profit Centers:

  • Auto Care & Styling Services
  • Window Tinting
  • Protective Films
  • Vehicle Security Systems
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • Mobile Electronics
  • Detailing & Reconditioning
  • Custom Wheels & Tires
  • Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
  • Performance Parts & Accessories
  • Marine Styling Services
  • Home & Business Services

Complete Turn-Key Investment From $118,000 to $198,000

Minimum Liquid Capital $60,000

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