How to choose the best location for your new franchise


As a potential new business owner, one of your first priorities should be location. The location of your store can make or break your business, and finding the best spot to reach your target audience for your budget will only enhance your chances of initial and ongoing success.

The best way to discover where you should open up shop? Know your ideal customer.

It’s important to not only know the basic demographics of who your ideal customer is (age, income, etc.), but also what their interests and values are. In addition, you also need to know how and why they shop.

Here are three questions to ask that will help you understand your ideal customer better so you can determine the best spot for your new shop:

  1. What part of town does your ideal customer shop in? Just because your ideal customer lives in a certain part of town, doesn’t mean they only shop there. Finding out the top places your customers like to shop can help you expand your location selection.
  2. Does your ideal customer prefer to shop in-person or browse online and then pick up their product at your store? Lots of customers today are looking for online/offline integration, however some customers still want to come in and have a look around. If most of your customer are going to do their shopping online first, your location doesn’t have to be in a heavily trafficked (A.K.A. more expensive) area of town. If you predict more in-person customers, then your location becomes a more important investment.
  3. Does your ideal customer comparison shop? If so, you could benefit from posting up near an established competitor. Customers will already be traveling to the area, and you can benefit from proximity exposure and customer overflow. Keep in mind this only works if you can compete on price and/or offer added value that more than makes up for the cost difference.

Answering these questions can provide you with more information on who you’re ideal customer is, and as a result, a better understanding of where you should set up shop. At Tint World, we help all our new business owners in selecting the perfect site for their location. If you’re interested in opening a franchise, visit for more information.



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So you want to open a franchise? A quick FAQ on franchise ownership.


Starting a franchise location can be an equally exciting and nerve racking experience. It is not uncommon to have questions before deciding whether or not you want to begin ownership. Here is a list of five questions that potential franchisees should ask themselves before deciding on their ownership.

  1. What kind of support will I receive when I first open this franchise store? This is probably the biggest questions any franchisee needs to ask. One of the biggest reasons for owning a franchise is that you get the support and backing from an established brand. It is important to understand how the franchise you are investing in well help in terms of marketing and branding. Finding a franchise that offers marketing tools such signage, social media advertising, search engine optimization, etc. is always necessary. In addition, it’s essential to make sure that the franchise you are interested in provides proper training when opening. A good pre-written manual can help an owner with his or her franchise when they first open it. Also, making sure that the franchise provides operational and technical training with the franchise’s sales and service is an absolute must.
  2.  How do I know what franchise to invest in for maximum return? Any potential owner of a franchise location should always be concerned with whether or not their franchise has the reputation of seeing a positive margin in their first year. Searching for a brand that attracts all customers in your franchise’s industry should be thoroughly researched. A potential owner should always consider the quality of service and products that a franchise provides in order to keep customers coming back. If one franchise might be cheaper than the other to invest in, then that does not give a good reason to choose taking ownership. The proper research will produce the highest return in the long-run.
  3. How much capital do I need to get started? It is important to always to stick to your budget before investing in a franchise. The worst thing an owner can do is go in over their hand and have to play catchup with financing. On average, an owner should invest 15% of their personal net worth before buying a franchise. So if an owner’s worth is $400,000, then $60,000 is what would be needed to safely finance your start
  4. How stable is the franchise? Owners want to know whether or not others are investing in the franchise. If a franchise is not expanding across the nation/globe then a potential owner will most likely turn down the decision. It is beneficial to find a sturdy industry that is expected to always receive attention from the public. As an owner, paying attention to whether or not your franchise is recession proof should be your number one concern before investing.
  5. What should I look for in a franchise’s FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document? Owners should know what they are getting into in terms of legality before becoming a part of the franchise. When going over the FDD, consider the restrictions that the franchise might have, and in addition other important aspects such as financing, trademarking and the business experience of the executives at the franchise. It is key to find a FDD that is fair and easy to read. A franchise should make it easy for potential owners to understand their company.

Tint World’s history of success is one reason why owners choose our business. We are a top 200 franchise company and we are the best in the business when it comes to automotive styling and customer service. At Tint World®, we want all potential owners to remove any doubt about how quality our service really is. In 2015, Tint World® opened up 10 new stores. The growth rate at Tint World® has been exceptional and our franchise is rapidly expanding across the nation and other parts of the world. Franchise ownership can be a fun and enjoyable opportunity. If you have any interest in starting a new Tint World® location or any other additional questions, contact us today.


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What to Expect As a Tint World® Franchise Owner


As a potential new owner of a Tint World® franchise, it helps to have an idea of what to expect in terms of the outcome. Thankfully, as experienced professionals in the automotive styling industry, we can tell you exactly what to expect – from the first year of opening your Tint World® location all the way down to what to expect with your exit strategy.

Your first year as a franchise owner

One of the great benefits of joining the Tint World® franchise is the excellent training and marketing that we provide for your new location. Tint World® does an excellent job of providing signage, social media advertising, and additional publicity and branding methods that will bring customers to your new store. There’s no need to worry about having to do the marketing on your own, because Tint World® will cover that. When your store first opens doors, you can expect your location to be well-received.

A lot of the time franchise owners can have concern with how they will operate once they open. The great thing about Tint World® is that we provide hands-on training so that your employees know the products and services that the store provides. Also, we deliver guidelines for your store’s employees to follow. Having a pre-written handbook from us helps you as an owner layout to your employees the values that Tint World® expects. This helps remove the stress of micromanaging so you can focus on generating profits for your business.

As your franchise continues to grow

Being a Tint World® owner, you can expect growth down the road for your company. Just last year, we had our first store reach one-million dollars in sales – and we had multiple stores who were close to hitting that mark as well. We are a top 200+ franchise according to Franchise Times, and have won numerous awards. Our reputation as a leading automotive styling franchise will only continue to grow, and that means more recognition and buying power for your location as well.

We are very proud of current store owners with what they have done with sales and how they’ve kept the Tint World® name strong. To help them grow, we provide ongoing support, including our annual Tint World® national convention, which features seminars and sales and technical training.

Your exit strategy

At Tint World®, we understand that there comes a point in time where you will want to retire or move on to the next phase of your life. We want to be sure you do it right. It is essential to have a plan to make sure there are no complications when leaving. It is highly important for you to communicate with us. We will help you as much as possible to sell your store to a new owner because we want your successful franchise to continue its success. Having a process will allow for an easy transaction so that you can enjoy your success and fortune without any hassle.

There are great opportunities with being a Tint World® owner. If you’re considering joining our franchise, contact us today to learn more information about how to join our franchise.


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E-commerce Tips for Automotive Shop Owners


The automotive e-commerce industry is booming, with a projected worth of $51.6 billion by 2018. Because there are so many online options for consumers to buy aftermarket and OEM auto parts and accessories, breaking into this growing trend and then sustaining profitability can be tough. For automotive business owners, e-commerce needs to be more than just a website.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of this growing online market, make sure to consider these tips on better automotive e-commerce:

  • Research your market: In order to make sure you’re selling what your market wants, you need to take the time to review and research your target demographic. Look for or conduct your own detailed analytics, surveys or reports on your market to better understand what you can sell for a profit.
  • Practice vendor management: Once you know what to sell, you’re going to have to get stock. This is where vendor management is key as you’ll need to attract big-name parts suppliers to ensure your inventory is filled at a reasonable rate. You should select your vendors through research, supplier identification, and price and contract comparison.
  • Incentivize often: Shoppers go online not only for convenience, but for exclusive deals as well. If you’re not discounting parts or incentivizing consumers with free shipping or package deals, you won’t be able to break out from the competition. Consider periodic promotions to entice shoppers to pick your e-commerce site over the rest.

Adding e-commerce to your automotive business can be a great way to supplement your brick-and-motor income and increase your customer base in the process. Doing so however requires careful consideration and by partnering with Tint World, you’ll be able to have a powerful e-commerce site for all your automotive parts and accessories all while keeping your brand name intact.


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How Do You Promote Your Automotive Shop?


While repairing cars is undoubtedly your number one priority as an automotive repair shop owner, you can’t afford to ignore the power of promotion. Getting the word out about your experience, expertise, customer service and general business can keep your foot traffic flowing and your business growing.

How you promote your automotive shop is an important thing to consider because if your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in booked jobs, you’ll fail to get a healthy return. Additionally, if you spend too much time and effort on promotions, you’ll likely lose your focus on what really matters – the quality of your work.

In order to keep things effective, consider these proven methods of boosting the promotion of your automotive repair shop:

  • Focus your marketing: Marketing is important in the automotive industry as it helps build and maintain the reputation of your business. By focusing your marketing efforts on SEO, geo-targeted advertisements, and public relations efforts to earn third-party endorsements, your automotive repair shop will become known as an area leader.
  • Expand your exposure: If you want to get the word out about your automotive business, turn to social media to expand your exposure. Look for localized automotive groups and forums and post up about your specials and services. Regularly updating your social feed is important too, even if it does take time and effort. This is where partnerships come into play.
  • Expand your reach: If your automotive repair shop has a niche focus, you may be pigeonholing your opportunity for growth. Try expanding your reach by, for example, tinting windows while you detail or installing stereos while you change oil.

Promoting your automotive repair shop can help your business grow, but doing so effectively without breaking the bank takes consideration. By partnering with a national brand however, you can take in the benefits of their recognition and corporate support to expand your customer base and your business. Consider partnering with Tint World, we’ll help you maintain your business while adding value and promotion at the same time. If you’re ready to consider a conversion franchise for your automotive repair business, contact us today.


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Three Ways to Expand Your Automotive Shop


As a shop owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase revenue and add value to your customers. The more you can do for your customers, the better chance you have of becoming a partner in their automotive needs. Partnerships are powerful because they elevate your business beyond necessity. A customer that chooses to partner with you for all of their automotive needs will not only give you steady business, they will also be a brand advocate for your business – one who will tell their friends and family about how you are their one-stop shop for all their automotive needs.

If you’re looking for ways to expand the services you offer to your customers, here are three inspection options that can help promote you from “just another auto shop” to “my auto shop” in the eyes of your customers.

1. Lease inspections – Leasing is an affordable option for those who want to drive a new vehicle every couple of years. Once it’s time to return their lease for their next car, however, your customers could be hit with “excessive wear and tear” charges. The average lease owner is charged more than $1,800 when returning their vehicle. Help your customers avoid unwanted lease charges and save money by offering free pre-return lease inspections on their vehicles.

 2. Insurance claims inspections – Providing insurance claim inspections is a great way to gain referrals. Insurance companies carefully vet partnering shops to ensure they provide the best quality of service and repairs. By participating in direct repair programs, your new and existing customers will know they’re getting the best possible experience for their claim inspection.

 3. CARCO inspections – Fight fraud and reduce loses by offering accurate, trusted pre-insurance CARCO inspections for vehicles. Close to two million vehicles require inspection each year in the territories CARCO covers, which include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Florida. As a CARCO inspection site, you receive a fee for performing photo inspections, which can usually be done in 15 minutes. If you have online access, inspections can also be performed using a secure web page. This provides a great deal of walk-in business with a minimal time investment.

If you’re an independent automotive shop looking to improve and expand your business, consider partnering with Tint World. We offer a variety of franchising options, including co-branding and store conversions that can help you boost your existing business and give you the added benefit of a national brand.


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How to break away from the detailing business mold?


If you’re in the automotive detailing business, you know the competition is fierce. With more than 61,000 businesses in the industry, breaking away from the mold can be difficult. In order to get ahead, you need to consider how you can expand your business reach.

If special events, marketing, social media or discounts aren’t getting you the exposure or respect you need to take your detailing business to the next level, it might be time to consider a conversion. By investing in a national franchise brand, you can add brand-name power while keeping your staffing, loyal customers, and basic services. You can even keep your brick-and-mortar location, resulting in significant savings.

Here are some of the benefits of converting your detailing business to a national franchise:

  • Corporate Support: As a franchise owner, you’ll open the door to a national support system that’s ready to help your business grow. If you need social media, marketing, or re-grand opening support, the franchise development team will be there to make sure your business makes a big splash.
  • New services: Many automotive franchises, such as Tint World®, help detailing businesses find extra revenue from expanded services. By converting to a national franchise, you can offer your regular customers new services such as window tinting or vehicle graphics in addition to your detailing work.
  • Training: If your range of services has expanded, you’ll surely need training – something that franchises offer. By converting to a national brand, you’ll receive all the training you’ll need to make the expansion successful.
  • Brand name power: A great way to get your foot in the door with new detailing clients is to have a nationally-backed business name. If you convert your business, you’ll instantly have the power of a national brand to attract more customers.

Adding a trusted and reputable brand name to your detailing company, such as Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, can earn you the leverage you need to expand. To find out more about converting to a national franchise, contact Tint World®’s franchise development team today.


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What to Look for in an Automotive Business Model


If you’re looking to become a business owner, it’s important to pick an industry in high demand. The U.S. automotive retail industry is growing in popularity, and the associated aftermarket sector is projected to be in even higher demand with an estimated net worth of $273 billion by 2017. It may seem, though, that automotive business owners need years of experience and countless hours of training to be successful, which would exclude a large number of entrepreneurs.

Now is a great time to get started as an automotive business owner, but if you have no experience, where do you begin? One solution might be becoming an automotive franchise owner. Franchise ownership typically comes with all the training, systems, tools, and brand awareness you need to be successful. Even so, choosing which model is right for you can be tough.

Here are a few points to consider when looking for an automotive business:

  • Training: No reputable automotive business should throw you to the wolves untrained. Look for brands that offer business, management, vendor relations and technical training before and after your launch. Even if you have zero automotive experience, you should be able to open your doors ready to tackle any job.
  • Vendor Relations: Having access to parts that customers want and need for their vehicles is key to the success of an automotive business. If the brand you’re looking at has limited access to parts or has poor vendor relations, your business will likely lag behind.
  • Support: Having a team of developers to help you with a grand opening, marketing, public relations and social media will allow you to concentrate on the revenue-building aspects of the automotive business that you love.
  • Lending Options: No successful business startup is cheap, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for a brand that offers financial support that’s backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  • Multi-Store Ownership: If you build one successful automotive business, why not build another? Franchising provides the opportunity for your business to grow as a territory with corporate support for each new store you open.

Without the above considerations, your efforts to become an automotive business owner may fall flat. To maximize your chances of success, stick with the trusted source of aftermarket automotive customization across the U.S. – Tint World®. With multiple franchise program options available including single store, multi-store, co-brand store or conversion store – the perfect opportunity is available to kick start your automotive career. Contact our franchise development team today to learn more about your options for opening your very own Tint World®.


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Expanding Your Car Dealership Through the Aftermarket


Car dealerships, both used and new, have their hands tied in daily business dealings that often leave little or no time to find new methods of business expansion. While the industry of selling, trading and buying cars, trucks and SUVs is indeed laborious, there are still ways you can find new revenue-building methods for your dealership. Going hand-in-hand with car sales are aftermarket components that consumers are purchasing at an increasing rate, and by converting your existing business into one that offers these products, your dealership can reach a much larger customer base.

By selling products like performance, styling and 12 volt upgrades, you create an atmosphere that marks your dealership as a local vendor for parts that typically are only available online. This adds buying appeal and can allow you to leverage your abilities when selling – especially if your service area offers installations. If you decide to go this route, you can appeal to shoppers looking to buy turn-key, customized vehicles that come with a warranty and the backing of the dealership’s “attention to detail.”

While the concept of selling and installing aftermarket parts at your dealership is attractive, it can be met with complications that can make the entire process not worth the effort. Not only will you have to develop a relationship with the aftermarket manufactures, you’ll have to train your sales and technical staff on how such products should be marketed and installed. Taking these obstacles into consideration, a smart solution that still allows the aftermarket to benefit your dealership is to partner with a dedicated, automotive customization franchise to become a co-brand, store-in-a-store concept.

By doing so, you can keep your existing complex, inventory and staff, while simultaneously benefiting from having highly trained aftermarket professionals work with your dealership. The concept lets you take full advantage of clout earned by a national aftermarket installer, giving you access to high-quality and sought after parts and accessories that can be installed properly in order to maintain and even boost your dealership’s reputation. As a co-branded dealership, you can also pre-build exciting, customized vehicles to be sold and leverage them in your marketing and on-site advertising.

Adding a trusted, nationally recognized aftermarket provider to your dealership is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition. To find out more about how to become a co-branded business, such as Tint World® Express dealership, contact us today!


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Building Revenue with Mobile Car Washing


Owning an automotive wash and detail complex means you provide a much needed service for your community, but could you be doing more? In order to maximize the billion dollar industry, or even break away from the norm, it’s important to find new ways to build revenue. One method to do so that is often overlooked is to take your services on the road. Enter, mobile car washing.

Mobile car washing, simply put, is taking the car wash to the people by using transportable equipment in an effort to take advantage of the time a vehicle spends sitting still at car parks, office complexes and other businesses. Mobile car washing services are appealing to consumers, employees and business owners as it can be leveraged as a luxury service.

While you may think you can try your hand at mobile car washing on your own, the reality is, it’s not that simple. Offering such a service requires a special amount of clout that typically can only come from a trusted, national name, such as Tint World®. Here are just a few advantages to be had from offering mobile car wash and detail services as part of an automotive customization franchise system:

  • Exclusivity: By offering mobile car wash services under a widely recognized brand name, you can gain exclusive service rights at certain businesses or complexes. These deals typically set aside dedicated parking spots specifically for the mobile wash and detail service – something business owners are sure to flaunt proudly.
  • Professionalism: Mobile car wash and detailing has a certain, high-class association, and in an effort to maximize the opportunity to land exclusive deals with your area businesses, you’ll need to present your offer with the utmost professionalism. By having the backing of a national brand, you can better your chances of earning extra revenue from your mobile services.
  • Customer Growth: When consumers return to their cars after shopping or from a long day’s work to find it shining as bright as the day it left the showroom, they’ll likely want to know who is behind the work. By having a mobile wash and detail service as part of your business, you can help drive more traffic to your brick-and-motor location in an effort to boost your customer base.

Offering mobile services is a great way to build extra revenue for your car wash and detail complex, but the jump isn’t meant for everyone. By becoming a Tint World® backed franchise owner, you can benefit your already established car wash complex by offering our valet car wash and detail services to area businesses while taking advantage of the power of a national brand. To find out more, contact Tint World® today!


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