Tint World® Franchise – Q1 2016 Recap


At Tint World®, we kicked off 2016 with a bang! Now that it’s April, we’d like to take a moment to look back at what we accomplished in the last three months so we can paint a picture of where we will be in the next quarter.

  • New locations: In February, training was finalized for three all-new Tint World® locations in California, Idaho and Mississippi. Dan Burrup’s Boise, ID store was the first to open, with Donnie and Steve Saucier’s Gulfport, MS and Kenny McCardie’s Union City, CA stores following suit shortly after.
  • New awards: During Q1, we earned a variety of new, nationally-recognized rankings for our business development. Not only did we make Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, ranking 371, we placed in the top 25 of all ranking automotive franchise businesses. Tint World® was also bestowed with a number of spots on Franchise Gator’s Top 2016 Lists, including No. 3 Top Emerging franchise, No. 14 Fastest Growing franchise, and No. 36 Top 100 franchise of 2016.
  • New plans: During the past few months, we’ve been working hard to launch an industry first e-commerce platform. This will allow Tint World® customers to purchase products online and have them shipped directly to their nearest Tint World® location for prompt installation. The platform launch will additionally benefit franchisees as well with a corresponding store intranet integration. It will also allow them to have their point of sale, accounting and marketing efforts integrated and connected into one single intranet system.

With such great success during the past quarter, there’s no telling where will be at the end of June. If you want to find out more and experience our franchise system firsthand, contact our franchise development team today for your franchise starter kit.

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Vendor Management: Selling Products You Install


Selling vendor products through your automotive service center is an obvious choice if you are looking for new ways to grow your business. Eliminating the need to manufacture the products you install saves both money and time and allows you to focus on keeping your installation services as high quality as possible. However, there are ways to make vendor management far simpler for many automotive service centers.

Vendor management can be one of the more time-consuming aspects of operating an automotive retail center (and most businesses in general). Researching your potential vendors, getting quotes and negotiating contracts can take you away from other aspects of your business and hamper your ability to ensure the services you are providing are as good as they could be. Any time spent discussing prices with a vendor is time that could be spent training your employees or working on ways to streamline your installation processes.

At Tint World®, we’ve eliminated these hassles for our franchise owners. As an owner, you don’t have to spend any of your valuable time seeking out vendors. Throughout our existence, Tint World® has fostered numerous relationships with some of the leading vendors in this industry to provide our franchise owners with only the finest products available on the market, keeping our customers satisfied and loyal. From Alpine to Katzkin to Oracle, we have tremendous relationships with the brands that are most desired in today’s marketplace. Our size and long-standing success also allows us to receive the best deals from our vendors, keeping the costs low for both our franchise owners and the car enthusiasts that come to their stores.

Tint World® understands how important vendor management is to a business’ success. We have made it our #1 priority to enhance franchise profit levels at the operating level, and handling the vendor management for our franchise owners is part of that. Our streamlined vendor management, combined with the size of our company, allows our franchise owners to reap the rewards of incredibly low supply costs without the typical time and effort required of non-franchise owners.

If you would like to learn more about converting your automotive service center into a Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise, please visit our website or call 800-767-8468.


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Tint World in East Fort Lauderdale – Meet New Franchise Owner Danny Shenko and Check out His New Store


Owner and operator of Tint World in East Fort Lauderdale, Danny Shanko shares his thoughts on opening a store and how business has been like so far. With more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, Danny jumped at the opportunity to become part of the Tint World Franchise.

From discovering the Tint World Franchise to planning his Grand Opening Event, Danny recalls his entire experience with the Tint World team.

With a passion for great customer service, Danny goes the extra mile to really get to know his customers. Danny shares how he takes every opportunity to talk to his customers to allow him to understand their needs and wants for their vehicle. With such a great turn out at his grand opening event, you can tell that the community has already welcomed the latest Tint World store.

And speaking of Danny’s Grand Opening in East Fort Lauderdale…

Be sure to check back for even more grand openings, announcements, and videos.

Congratulations, Danny! Keep up the good work!


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3 New Franchisees Complete August Tint World Training Program


Tint World continues to grow as several franchisees are gearing up for their store openings in the near future. Recently, several new Tint World franchisees from across the nation came to Florida for their training—Kevin Leach from Lubbock, TX, Rick Martin from Albany, NY, and Jain ‘Jay’ Guan from San Diego, CA—in preparation for their own stores that they will soon be operating.

Whether a franchisee has years of experience or no experience at all in the automotive industry, the Tint World training program is a fundamental component in becoming a successful Tint World owner and operator. The rigorous 3-week training program details everything a franchisee needs to know about running a Tint World store—from product knowledge to every-day store operations—in order to fully satisfy a customer’s needs according to Tint World’s standards.

The Tint World training program provided the franchisees an opportunity to learn what it’s really like to run a Tint World on a daily basis. They were able to familiarize themselves with products, vendors, and systems they would be working with in the future. Essentially, the Tint World training program builds a solid foundation of knowledge and experience for all upcoming franchisees, elevating their comprehension of not just Tint World, but the automotive industry as a whole.


Congratulations to Jay, Kevin & Rick for completing the Tint World New Owner Training
From left to right: Jay Guan, Anthony Foley, Kevin Leach, Charles Bonfiglio, Rick Martin, and Robert Garza
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First Month of Franchise Ownership: Thoughts from New Franchise Owner, Paul Hosage


New franchise owner, Paul Hosage, recently had his store’s grand opening in Charlotte, North Carolina. After about a month of being in business, the Tint World video team stopped by to see what Paul thought of his grand opening, what he thought of the process, and how the business is going so far.

See Paul’s Thoughts:

We’re so excited to see Paul doing well and we will be working with him to expand his store and open new stores in the future.

Like he mentioned in the video, Paul is particularly interested in motorcycle customization and accessories, which is great since we don’t currently have a store that does a lot of work with motorcycles.

Tint World is a business that lets franchisees explore their passions and help the whole business grow. We’re eager to help Paul lead the way into motorcycle specialization and if he finds success, we could start offering motorcycle styling at other stores.

Watch Paul’s Grand Opening Video

Be sure to check back for even more grand openings, announcements, and videos.

Congratulations, Paul, and keep up the good work with the new store!


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Tint World is Coming to Illinois!


Tint World Illinois Vanity PlateDa Bears! We are proud to announce that Tint World will be opening our very first Illinois location, which will be located just outside of Chicago in Bensenville, IL. We have had several new stores open in the past few months but it’s always exciting to plant the flag in a new state.

Thanks to our new franchise owner, Mike Mayo, Tint World will soon be styling vehicles in 6 different states with over 20 open facilities nationwide. The Bensenville facility is currently under construction and we included some photos of its progress so far.


Tint World Bensenville, IL: Some Assembly Required

Tint World Franchise Bensenville Construction
As we write, the Illinois team is hard to work assembling what will soon be the stylish and familiar Tint World auto styling showroom.
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New Franchise Updates


Tint World is currently the largest and fastest-growing auto styling franchise and it’s never felt more like the truth. Some big things have been going on here at Tint World and we just wanted to let everyone know about all of our new store openings, our latest marketing initiatives, and a few other exciting things currently going on with Tint World.


New West Palm Beach Store

Here's our new West Palm Beach location

Grand Openings

We have been very busy opening new franchise stores and we are hosting 5 grand openings in June alone. Now that the centers are ready for business, each one of these stores gets a full-blown grand opening celebration that includes catered food, live radio broadcasts, product giveaways, and other fun activities to encourage local residents to stop by and get to know the new Tint World auto center in their area. We will also have our video crew there, so be sure to check back for footage from all of our new grand opening events.
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The 30th Anniversary Catalog


2012 marks Tint World’s 30 Year Anniversary. We’ve enjoyed 30 years of business success and constant growth, and we have all of our franchisees to thank for making Tint World the thriving business we are today. So to celebrate this milestone in our company, we decided to design a brand new multi-page service catalog to better advertise our services to customers and give franchisees a powerful new marketing piece.

Tint World 30th Anniversary Service Catalog

A catalog is key when you offer as many products and services as Tint World, which is why we spared no expense in the design of our new piece. The new full-color catalog is 16 pages front to back and features a custom branded design to capture the professional quality we commit to at Tint World. With our new catalog customers can see everything we do laid out in bright full-page spreads that showcase all the features and benefits of Tint World products and services, including window tinting, detailing, electronics, performance parts, and wheels and tire services. They can also learn more about features like the Tint World credit card and our online store, Tint World Direct.

Catalogs were printed and distributed to every franchise location to help our franchisees sell our services and explain all the automotive possibilities you can find at Tint World. Now when customers are in the Tint World waiting room they can easily review our product packages, pricing, and features in our new brightly-colored product catalog that shows 30 years of auto styling success.
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Tint World Charges Into North Carolina


Tint World has been growing consistently since its first franchise in 2007, and we have recently seen especially rapid  expansion in North Carolina. In the last two months Tint World has awarded a three-store license agreement and a single-store agreement, both in North Carolina. Once construction is finished, customers will be able to find 4 new Tint World stores in Greenville, Fayetteville, Wilmington, and Charlotte, NC areas – all owned by some exciting new franchisees.
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The Beginnings of a New Tint World Location


We are currently in the process of opening our first Oklahoma location, which we are all really excited about. New franchise owner, Tracy Lewis, is excited to get started with his new store and he should be styling customer vehicles in as few as a couple months. The facility is currently under construction in Jenks, OK, and we snapped some photos so you could see how it has been coming along.

For the level of service quality we offer at Tint World, every franchise owner gets a clean, roomy space that will be decked out with interactive product displays and equipped with service bays if not already available. Of course each store is also designed to match the Tint World brand that customers know and love. That way, no matter where they are in the world, customers know they are in a place they can expect quality products and expert service.


The Beginnings of a Tint World: Jenks, Oklahoma

Wide Open Spaces

A Tint World store starts with a clean space and plenty of room. There are a few options when it comes to location selection, including brand new structure, add-on store, or remodeling of an existing building. In any case, Tint World representatives will help you choose the best location and assist through every step of building your new franchise site.
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