Five simple ways to improve your franchise Facebook presence


There are simple ways to get your brand in front of more people


The majority of adult American consumers use Facebook. Franchisees, including Tint World® owners, need to be there, too, representing their brand and getting likes, clicks and shares.

Here are five ways to improve your Facebook presence and potentially get your brand and business in front of millions of people:

  1. Use your page as an advertising billboard. Make sure you utilize the space afforded your brand on your page. Make sure you have a dynamic cover and profile photo that mentions your business name. Change it up regularly. Research and take advantage of special business features and make sure all of your contact information is kept updated.
  2. Post good content. Consider hiring a professional public-relations agency to provide relevant and plentiful content for your page. Original photos and videos are also popular on Facebook. Link wisely, and only follow appropriate pages. Update your Facebook presence as often as possible.
  3. Give shout-outs. Tag good customers or products in posts; people like to be recognized, and individual brands and products you may carry can also be tagged in Facebook now.
  4. Keep the conversation going. Make sure you engage your social-media audience. Post questions that prompt answers and can spark fun engagement. Don’t engage or further debate on controversial topics. Keep your content and posts neutral, and avoid plugging or linking inappropriate material.
  5. Choose your audience. There are multiple groups and communities devoted to a range of topics. Join or engage with groups that might especially appreciate or be interested in your product or business. You can also build your own Facebook audience by following customer and employee Facebook pages.

If your business doesn’t have an active Facebook page, you are already far beyond the 8-ball. Get your page up to snuff and current. It’ll help you generate business and you may find you “like” it.

For more information on Tint World franchising opportunities, download our franchise kit.

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Seven simple ways to cash in on Christmas


Season is ripe for Tint World franchisees

Christmas is indeed magic – for retail franchise bottom lines.

As much as 30 percent of annual revenues come in during the holiday season, bolstering bottom lines as the year draws to a close, according to the National Retail Federation. And the money doesn’t just flow from Christmas shoppers. Gift-giving is also a hallmark of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

But you’ve got to get bodies and wallets in your store.

Here are some holiday marketing tips that may help tip your franchise scales toward a handsome profit for the year:

  1. Start early. Now is the time to prepare your holiday marketing plan, not Dec. 1. Sales begin to amp up right after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.
  2. Plant seeds widely. Don’t stick with one marketing tactic. Combine targeted emailing with paid ads. Push quality content on to your social media platforms so your franchise location shows up prominently in online search results. Work with an agency or local media for earned media placement.
  3. It might seem cheesy, but bring Santa Claus or other characters into your business. This is not only an enticement to customers with children, it can merit a photo opportunity for local media.
  4. Push promotions. Get customers into your store with valuable coupons or other promotional offers with a holiday theme.
  5. Participate in community holiday events. For Tint World franchisees, this could include a tricked-out holiday hoopty – driven by Santa, of course — illustrating your best or noteworthy work.
  6. People like to feel that holiday spirit, and light and other holiday displays conjure up that Christmas vibe.
  7. Play music. It can never hurt to crank up a little Bing Crosby at Christmas time. Many music streaming services offer holiday playlists.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Above all – be creative. This is a crucial time of year for retailers. Make sure you cash in.

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Tint World® Racks Up Franchise Industry Recognition


franchise-100 - emerging
Customer satisfaction is reward enough, but recognition within the franchise industry is the icing on the cake.
Tint World® has recently been distinguished by several franchise outlets including Franchise Business Review and Franchise Gator as well as Technology Integrator, an industry magazine focused on business strategy.
Franchise Business Review has ranked Tint World® Franchise as among the Top 50 Franchises for 2014. As Franchise Business Review is the leading market research company in the franchise industry, Tint World® Franchise was more than excited to be named as part of their annual list.
Next was the announcement that Tint World® Franchise ranked 1st in Franchise Gator’s Top Emerging Franchises list and also 13th in Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises for 2014. As Franchise Gator notes, demand for customized vehicles is increasing and Tint World® is the perfect franchise opportunity for multiple profit centers that offer several auto styling segments under one roof.
As for Technology Integrator, Tint World’s VP of Operations and Project Management Paul Pirro was an honoree of their 2014 Young Turks of CE, featuring rising professionals that share the passion, drive, and distinction of Young Turks.
Tint World® Franchise continues to strive for excellence and we are proud to have been recognized by our industry peers.

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New Franchisee Training: A Formula For Success


Once a new franchisee comes on board with Tint World, our team of experienced trainers walk them through everything they need to know to run a successful business. The new franchisees take part in two weeks of training at our Florida headquarters in both a classroom and hands-on setting. When their location is open for business, they will receive an additional week of hands-on training in their new store.
The three-week program covers every facet of owning and operating a Tint World including staff development, product knowledge, installation techniques, and business management. Our training program is the foundation for opening a new Tint World and gives new owners a chance at success and growth. There is no experience necessary to open your own Tint World. Contact Franchise Director, Anthony Foley at (800) 767-8468 to find out more about Tint World Franchise opportunities.
Watch the video below for more information on the Tint World training program.

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Highlights from the 2012 SEMA Show


Tint World corporate officers and franchisees attended this year’s SEMA Show, the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, annually held at the Las Vegas Concentration Center in Las Vegas, NV. This exclusive trade show brings together the latest and hottest products as well as some of the automotive industry’s leading minds and Tint World was there to experience it all.
Here are four notable highlights from this year’s SEMA show:
1. New Products For the New Year
With so many products on display, whether they were updated or completely brand new on the market, Tint World had an insider’s look of upcoming accessories, vehicle parts, and so much more at the show. Always looking to the future, we noted specific products (and maybe even some services) that would be great, profitable additions to our franchise.
2. Strengthening Relationships with Top Brand Manufacturers
We’re always excited to see our current manufacturers at SEMA; it gives us a chance to check out some of their latest products they have to offer. But it didn’t stop there—opportunities to socialize (with some business involved) were aplenty during the afterhours of the event, creating lasting relationships with some of the top brand names there.
3. Industry Highlights, Demonstrations, and Training Programs
SEMA is more than just a custom car exhibition; the Tint World team was able to learn more about where the automotive industry is heading, watch demos of the newest products, and even participate in training classes covering the latest techniques in automotive appearance services. As fun as the show was, it proved to be just as educational.
4. Leads on Potential Prospects
The Tint World entourage is one you can’t miss even among the thousands of car enthusiasts at the SEMA Show, so it was great meeting fans of the franchise. Not only did we meet individuals at the show interested in the Tint World Franchise, but we were also able to speak with representatives from dealerships across the country interested in creating co-brand, affiliate, and referral programs (you can learn more about that here).
With such an exclusive event like the SEMA Show, it was a great experience for all the Tint World corporate officers and franchisees to be a part of.
You can check out all our photos from SEMA here.

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  • Detailing & Reconditioning
  • Custom Wheels & Tires
  • Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
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