Q: Why should I invest in a TINT WORLD® franchise?

A: In today’s service industry, a franchise has a better than 95% chance of being successful, compared to less than 20% for a non-established venture.

Q: How do I qualify to own a TINT WORLD® franchise?

A: Start by completing and submitting the Personal Profile Form. After it has been received by our TINT WORLD® senior franchise development specialist, it will be forward to our franchise president to become familiar with your background, experience and your financial resources to become a TINT WORLD® franchisee. With this general knowledge and understanding of who you are and what your business interests are, we can further discuss the details of this opportunity.

Q: What special qualities or skills are required?

A: You should have an understanding of business management principles and be involved as an owner-operator in the management of the franchise. Successful franchisees also possesses; leadership ability, vision, and a desire for growth. Having an automotive background is not required, because our franchise system is built on proven principles that have been successfully implemented by people from all walks of life.

Q: What does the franchise fee include?

A: The franchise fee includes your securing the right to own and operate a TINT WORLD® franchise center, and the use of our trade name, trademark, concepts, expertise, trade secrets, work ethics and manner of doing business. It also includes the following:

1. Training Program; One of the most comprehensive pre-opening training and assistance programs in the industry;

2. The advantage of a truly sophisticated business management, sales and production support system;

3. Site selection assistance, (lease, site, and renovation assistance);

4. Grand Opening assistance;

5. Advertising support;

6. On-going training and support;

7. Special Promotions;

8. Access to a complete distribution system;

9. Layout and store design of signs, fixtures, and equipment, all of which create the TINT WORLD® center;

10. And much more…

As you investigate TINT WORLD®, we believe that you will find there is no better investment with more opportunity for less cost anywhere!

Q: Once I have been accepted as a franchisee, how long will the process take?

A: After you’ve been accepted as a TINT WORLD® franchisee, we will prepare a timeline with you covering from start to finish. Site approval, lease negotiations, training, financing, and renovation are often the primary time consuming factors. Once your site has been approved and lease negotiations are concluded, the remodeling time for your center typically takes between 30-90 days. We usually scheduled your new owner training approximately one month prior to the opening of your center to allow you to move right into pre-opening preparations; including the hiring and training of additional staff for your center.

Q: Do you help with site selection?

A: We will assist you in the site selection process by providing current information on sites available in your area and assist you with any lease negotiations. We must approve the proposed site prior to the development of any site. We also provide a Pre-Opening Manuel designed to assist you with your site selection process.

Q: How does TINT WORLD® evaluate a new center location?

A: We analyze information from various sources for traffic count, registered vehicles, population, growth trends, competitive factors, zoning, retail shopping patterns and other appropriate factors.

Q: How big of a space will I need?

A: This will depend upon the type of unit being pursued. The range of center sizes varies throughout our network from a single bay to a four bay center. With today’s business model our recommendation for new centers is to have an office/showroom area with two to four bays with a total space of 2000 sq ft. to 3000 sq ft. However, we will evaluate each market opportunity on a case by case basis to determine the right fit for expected service demands. In many cases, our franchisees lease existing facilities that are remodeled to meet our specification. A member of our Franchise Development Team will assist you in such efforts.

Q: Do I receive guidance on purchasing products and supplies?

A: Yes. Top quality products and services are crucial to our concept. Some products are proprietary to us and have been specified with our distribution. Using our collective buying power, our Purchasing Coordinator will provide you with a full purchasing and distribution program that will enable you to order top quality products at or below competitive pricing.

Q. Who is responsible for marketing and advertising?

A: TINT WORLD® provides all of the marketing materials you will need and is responsible for all National advertising and point-of-purchase materials, etc. Franchise owners are responsible for developing the business locally through a variety of in-store and community-based promotions and activities.

Q. Can a franchisee have multiple locations?

A: Yes. This is initially determined by the corporate office, depending on the market area.

Q: What sort of training and support can I expect?

A: Franchisees and their designated managers must attend and successfully complete the new owner training program. This begins with a self-study program combined with in-center training experience designed to help orient you to our systems and to help us understand your individual needs. TINT WORLD® new owner training is held at our corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida and consists of a three week (18-day) course of hands-on and practical everyday experiences. Our team of professionals will provide training in various aspects of managing your TINT WORLD® franchise that will help you become a successful franchisee. We do not charge extra for the training and all materials are provided. Travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and employee compensation are your responsibility and are included in your estimated start up cost.

Q: Does TINT WORLD® provide assistance in the hiring process and benefits for center employees?

A: Each franchisee is responsible for hiring, managing, training and employee benefits. We offer instructions and assistance that will prepare you to handle this during the new franchisee training program. You will receive information about employment practices, compensation plans and guidance about staffing levels, employee training opportunities and management strategies. We also provide you with a hard copy and DVD of a customizable Employee Manual.

Q: Do I receive assistance in opening my center?

A: Yes. In addition to our initial headquarter training we also assist you with the initial opening of your center. You will have an experienced member of our Operations Team work with you and your staff before, during, and after your center opening. Ongoing training and support is also provided for your continued success.

Q: What do I do after my application has been approved?

A. After your Personal Profile Form application has been completed, received and approved, the next step is for you to arrange a Discovery Day tour at TINT WORLD® Corporate Headquarter Offices in Boca Raton, Florida.

Q: Is financing available?

A: TINT WORLD® is approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration SBA Franchise Registry for government lending programs available through various banks and leasing companies. TINT WORLD® does not finance its franchisees directly, but does provide financing contacts.

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