Tint World® Franchise Programs

Choose From Several Business Opportunities

As a Tint World® franchise owner, you’ll enjoy the brand recognition that comes from being the industry leader. Our unique services, unrivaled marketing and proven operations strategies are geared toward your success. We offer an opportunity to fit your business and lifestyle needs.

Single Store

The Single Store Franchise is very popular because it offers the startup of a new traditional Tint World® franchise location that provides you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, because it is backed by all the benefits and support of the Tint World® nationally-marketed brand.

  • $35,000 USD franchise license fee


The Multi-Store Franchise Opportunity is for enterprise level business developers. Tint World® allows you to create your very own “mini market” of franchise locations. We’ll be there every step of the way as you develop each and every franchise license and move from an individual store franchise owner to a multi-unit operator. Tint World® offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • $60,000 USD franchise license fee for 2 licensed locations, purchased at the same time
  • $75,000 USD franchise license fee for 3 licensed locations, purchased at the same time
  • $80,000 USD franchise license fee for 4 licensed locations, purchased at the same time

Co-Brand Express Store

The Express Store Franchise Program allows existing business owners to successfully integrate a Tint World® Express franchise into their existing business and offer Tint World® products and services to an existing business operation. This option is a great way to quickly expand your business, gain more customers, and increase profits by providing more services to generate new revenue streams. Tint World® offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • $25,000 USD franchise license fee

Conversion Store

The Conversion Store Franchise Program is for successful automotive service center owners who are looking for a better way to do business. This Option is perfect for current business owners looking for the benefits of a franchise without having to start from scratch, and provides expansion of your target customer base with a low cost investment and easy conversion program. Tint World® offers a lower franchise fee and royalty discount for qualified conversions.

  • 25,000 USD franchise license fee (franchise royalty discounts apply)

Area Developer

Area Developer Representative Franchise Opportunity is the perfect combination of being an auto service franchise owner and a contributor to the growth of your respective market, wherein you are awarded a state or contiguous counties, based off a population census. Area Representatives oversee and assist in the growth of the Tint World® brand in their territory. As they grow the Tint World® brand, they receive a percentage of the fees and royalties from the franchise owners they award in their territory. We have a geographically limited number of opportunities available.

  • Fees vary depending on a specified DMA

International Master Franchise

The Master Franchise Opportunity is the closest anyone can come to replicating our corporation, only abroad. Tint World® is seeking strategic-partners who would like to bring our Tint World® business model to their country. We’re seeking Master Franchisees all around the world.

Master Franchisees oversee the growth of Tint World® outside the United States. As a Master Franchisee, you receive a percentage of fees and royalties from the auto service franchises you award.

  • Fees vary depending on a specified country
  • Flagship location applies
Tint World® Area Developer and International Master Franchise Candidates must meet the following qualifications:
  • Requires ownership of at least 1 flagship franchise location;
  • The desire and resources to purchase a development opportunity of five or more Tint World® Centers;
  • A passion for and dedication to operations excellence;
  • Clear understanding of the real estate development process as it relates to markets that they are developing;
  • The ability to create and manage an organization that effectively recruits, trains, retains, and motivates people;
  • Adequate capitalization to meet an aggressive development schedule;
  • A strong desire to build incremental income through constructing and operating five or more stores;
  • The ability to deliver a superior customer experience while maintaining a dedication to Tint World®’s core values of Honesty, Transparency, Humility, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility;
  • An understanding of the local “culture” and strong ties to the community
Tint World® Area Developer and International Master Franchise Financial Requirements:

Investing in a portfolio of Tint World® auto service franchises requires the capital to cover an array of costs. We set minimum financial requirements for ownership of store franchises to ensure that potential auto service franchise owners are properly capitalized.

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Tint World® Profit Centers:

  • Window Tinting & Clear Bra
  • Vehicle Security Systems
  • Audio & Video Systems
  • Mobile Electronics
  • Detailing & Reconditioning
  • Custom Wheels & Tires
  • Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
  • Performance Parts & Accessories

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